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Absinthe cocktail "Zaratustra" - Duemilaotto Absinthe Restaurant

This development comes at the restaurant Duemilaotto where its owners based in real gourmet cuisine and especially professional interior design, who senses to create the first concept of a "cocktail restaurant " in the town of Viterbo.




Relying to a wide back ground and many years in the bar sector field Alessandro Pascucci, fitting the first cocktail bar specializes in the administration of the whole range of Elisir all'Assenzio Artemisia Collection, and not only, which are served in its various forms and currently works Luca Lecca the barman who created this mythical Zaratustra Absinthe cocktail.


Long drink


Components of the recipe:



¼ Creme de Mente


¼ Artemisia Absinthe 68% Trdizionale


2 / 4 Lime Juice


Garnish: a slice of lime with mint leaves placed on top.





Artemisia Collection ® offer the unique original new contemporary Absinthe recipes blend one with Spicy Chocolate and the other with finest Arabic Coffee, which are most delicious Elixirs of the World Absinthe revival.


Artemisia Absinthe 68%ABV: Bohemian's Elixir - It’s a premium finest liqueur produced from the distillation of the Artemisia plant  "WORMWOOD" and the infusion of essences such as: fennel and the flower of the star anise.


Artemisia Coffee Absinthe 35% ABV: Elixir of Passion - It's a complex blend of unique aromatic infusion, capable of offering whoever drinks in the benefit of the active ingredients: Absinthe and Arabic Coffee. Limited Production and absolutely hand made craft.


Artemisia Spicy Chocolate Absinthe 30% ABV : Elixir of Love It's a unique blend of aromatic infusion which highly energizing effects. It combines the active principles of Absinthe "Wormwood", Cocoa and Red Chilly Pepper. It's flavoured with cinnamon and sicilian orange peels, detectable in the aftertaste.


Artemisia Spice Chocolates Absinthe  300 gr. - Pure extra dark chocolate infused with Artemisia Absenthium Romana rich in “wormwood” (the active ingredient from which absinthe draws its amazing effect) and spiced with other natural ingredients.


The effects experienced are digestive, vitalizing with sexually enhancing aphrodisiac charges.


Sit back, relax and enjoy your Artemisia Abinthe 68% ABV drink.




Artemisia Absinthe Spoon - The traditional liberty style Artemisia Absinthe Spoon. Perfect for serving absinthe in the traditional method


Absinthe Round Pipeswere used by the bohemians to enjoy the Green Fairy.The green nectar is sipped through a glass straw over crushed ice. A nice experience!


Artemisia Absinthe Fountainthis fountain has two reservoirs. The first one is filled with ice.You can use it to prepare the perfect Absinthe drink in the traditional methods.


Artemisia Absinthe Fashion T-SHIRT: 100% Cotton - 180 gr - Color black with silver chrome printing in Front and Backprint


Also Taste Artemisia Love's recipes!!


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  • ABSINTHE SPOON - Liberty Style (essential for preparing the Absinthe in the two classic methods.)


  • ABSINTHE SPICE CHOCOLATES - (Excellent from the first taste of drinking a glass of Absinthe Artemisia 68% in the two TRADITIONAL METHODS - to properly prepare the Absinthe Artemisia 68% ABV)


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"Got tight last night on absinthe and did knife tricks. Great success shooting the knife into the piano. The woodworms are so bad and eat hell out of all furniture that you can always claim the woodworms did it." - Ernest Hemingway